Acting Ethically


We believe that by acting ethically the workplace becomes a place where people love to work, love to interact and become more creative, more innovative, feel more included, show involvement and feel secure.

In case of disharmony, we guide the way to harmony. We love to support that process wholeheartedly - for the benefit for all involved, directly and indirectly.

"Doing Good Things Right"

Below, some more concrete services and their benefits are mentioned.

Which services do we offer?

These services can be executed online or onsite 


Confidential Listener 

Assistance in Handling Ethically

In most organisations, there are both internal and external confidential advisors, often affiliated with the occupational health and safety service. This arrangement often works well.

However, sometimes it can be challenging when there is an issue with the confidential advisor themselves or when there is an issue with management. In such cases, TRUST may be lacking.

We are pleased to offer this service with the assurance that individuals who seek our assistance have full control over their process. Within the workplace, no one, including management, IT, or HR, will know who, when, or why we are consulted unless the individual chooses to disclose this information.

Clients can choose between a one-time session or a structured program format.

The content will be tailored to the client's needs and preferences.

We cover various perspectives, including:

  • Interactions among colleagues
  • Effective teamwork
  • Managing and guiding team dynamics
  • Building relationships with clients and care recipients

Our training is enriched with real-life case studies, providing a practical and hands-on approach. Or we handle your actual situational needs.

Project Management
when Developing an Ethical Culture

When you're ready to embark on Acting Ethically initiatives, we can provide support wherever necessary.

Our services include:

  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Project execution
  • Ethical culture analysis
  • Establishing an ethical code of conduct
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Establishing an ethical advisory board
  • Introduction of tools and resources

We offer comprehensive project management, assisting you at any stage of your journey


Distance Learning

Gathering employees at the same time and place for training or coaching can be challenging.

We are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to access specific Ethical Conduct topics via E-learning.

This approach supports a flexible learning environment, and it also enables your employees to connect with individuals from different departments, fostering a stimulating experience.

Our E-learning modules consistently include theoretical content, assignments, and online interaction sessions.

Questions and coaching support are readily available.

All too often, employees are trained at a level that doesn't match their current skills. They are either over- or under-challenged, making the training ineffective.

White Ravens Consulting has developed a method to analyze where you currently stand in terms of Ethical Conduct.

What are you ready for? 

Code of Conduct

A possible cornerstone for progressing acting ethically through your organisation is starting from a 'Code of Conduct".

A code of conduct on ethical behavior is a set of guidelines or principles that outline the expected behavior and standards of conduct for individuals or organizations. These codes typically address various aspects of ethical behavior such as honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, transparency, and compliance with laws and regulations. They provide a framework for making ethical decisions and handling ethical dilemmas, ensuring that individuals and organizations act in an ethical and

responsible manner in their interactions with others and in their professional conduct.

Content Development and Documentation

We select the best tools and/or methodologies to support and streamline ethical reflection and collaboration for your specific situation. Once introduced these tools and/or methodologies can be used without our collaboration.

Problem Solving: Support in Complex Work Situations

Sometimes, things just don't work within a team.

Meeting after meeting, sitting down once again, rumors, frustration, absenteeism, conflicts...

Sometimes, work situations can be highly intense and stressful.

Employees in contact with extreme suffering or challenging working conditions, lacking results, disappointments, questioning our performance...

Sometimes, there is significant diversity within teams.

Managing multiculturalism and differences within your organization is one of the major challenges of our time.

We tackle the tough questions.

Often, in cases of prolonged stress or team difficulties, an external presence is needed to support the challenging process of reconnecting and being there in the right way for the care recipient or client. We do not shy away from this and aim to restore the situation to a healthy state through ethical discussions and right actions.

Also for management teams.

These issues are often left unaddressed due to time constraints, conflict avoidance, or various relationship fears. Here, too, we believe that honest communication and awareness are the right path. We are not afraid to confront the challenges it may entail.

Why Acting Ethically?

Get Rid of Moral Stress in the Workplace

"Actions are tested against values ​​and standards, from yourself, from your environment, from how you are raised, from the workplace.

This usually happens spontaneously and intuitively, we call it the moral compass, did I do the right thing?

But sometimes there is an incompatibility with the working environment and colleagues, causing moral stress..."

More Collegiality, Flexibility and Creativity

"... Ethics has the pleasant side effect of broadening our perspective. The picture becomes larger, and it is more comfortable to live in the largeer picture. We learn to take into account the broader context..."

Ethical Responsible
and Neutral Contact

"... There are many kinds of ethics, one is going to describe it, another is going to look at it, and another is going to deal with it.

The latter says it can be practically used with both feet in the daily reality of complex work relationships.

Sometimes trust is lost. In that case, Acting Ethically can take care of independent mediation, and supporting an Ethical solution for the situation, or as a contact that can be trusted in all discretion..."

Immediate Results

Practical Applicability

"...We can act ethically at any moment in our work situation;

we can decide 'now' to do what is ethical. And 'now', and 'now', and 'now'..."

Doing so in a mindful way results in immediate direct and indirect long term results..."

Reducing Burnout
Through Good
Working Relationships

"...To act correctly, we engage in reflection about what we are going to do, what we are doing, or what we have done and te impact on ourselves and others.
This requires practice and colleagues who participate and exchange ideas.

Acting ethically in the working environment avoids burnout and bore out..."

Job Satisfaction

"...Ethical behavior leads to greater satisfaction and joy at work. Trust is the keyword; assuming good intentions from colleagues, along with the ability to openly discuss and address difficulties, makes people genuinely enjoy their work."

Training Types 

Basic Ethics course

We briefly frame the landscape of ethics and how to act ethically and then proceed to practical examples and situations.

The Benefit of Ethical Conduct

Ethical actions have the pleasant byproduct of making us more aware and liberated, be innovative and feel secure. In this session, we explore the positive effects of Ethical Conduct.

Workshops on Ethical Reflection 

We practice practical, real life cases of unethical conduct.
We handle existing situations.

No more,

No less.

Your Training Here?

We tailor our training to your specific needs, always.
What are your specific needs? We can answer them in our tailored trainings.

Communicating Ethically Correct

How to communicate ethically?

What is reciprocity?

How do we keep 
communication ethically pure?
Let's practice!

Cultivating Skills for Ethical Behavior

Amongst others, courage, openness, integrity, mindfulness, kindness...

are a few qualities we can highlight, nurture, and support to be developed.

Let's dive deeper in this and see how this can help your culture.

Project Management
Process Facilitation

Ethics in the workplace is a broad topic, and you can contact us for a few inquiries:

  • How can we create an organisation where our ethical values are embraced by our employees?
  • How do we deal with recurring issues regarding problematic employee or employer behavior?
  • How can I, as a director, ensure that the values our organization wants to convey, are also passed throughout the whole of the organisation?
  • Is there a way we can learn to navigate the changing intercultural society within our teams?
  • I want practical ways to discuss ethical dilemmas openly, so actions are supported by all employees.
  • Ethics is becoming increasingly important; the choices we make are more visible, and employees need to be informed and trained.
  • How do we approach guidance?

After clarifying your inquiry, you will receive a price quote and a proposal for the trajectory. Only then do you decide whether or not to proceed with us.

Each trajectory is different and tailored to your needs. It may consist of:

  • Ethical culture analysis
  • Development of an ethical code of conduct
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Establishment of an ethical discussion forum
  • Introduction of tools
  • Other requirements you may have

At agreed-upon points in the trajectory, evaluations are conducted on how the process is progressing. We discuss what's working well, where adjustments are needed, or where we need to modify the trajectory.

"This is likely a very expensive service." These services are propably far more affordable than you think.

Ethical Cultural Assessment

"Do you, as a leader, know how your employees and

colleagues perceive the ethical policies of the organization?"

"What is the maturity on acting ethically throughout my organisation?"

  • Does one know what is expected of them?
  • Is it clear how should be acted ethically during execution of daily work?
  • Is the talk walked?
  • Are the values of the organisations lived?
  • What about resources, workload, responsibility, and information?
  • Do you know how you are perceived by your customers, employees and suppliers as an example of right and ethical behavior? What is the related value for your organization?
  • Is the behavior of employees visible to direct supervisors, customers, or care recipients?
  • Is it customary for you to address people for positive or negative behavior? And linked to this, is it clear to employees what the consequences can be? And linked to this again, are those consequences implemented?

Using a cultural assessment, we can give you a fact based view of how things are going in your organization and what the needs are to increase the right, ethical behavior among employees, in teamwork, and towards customers or care recipients.

This survey is a good start to a comprehensive project but can also stand alone, after which you can take action yourself.

The questionnaire takes about twenty minutes per employee and forms the basis.

If we want to delve deeper, interviews can be conducted, which you can expect to last an hour.

Our Rates

(indicative and non-binding, excluding VAT)

Putting exact prices online is difficult as each project and each client emphasizes different aspects, but we still want to give an idea of how affordable our services are because we also understand the frustration when no indications are provided.

We always work with a quote, which can take a matter of a few hours, and this quote is only made after expectations are clear on both sides. Adjustments during the trajectory are openly discussed.

Following are some indications.

For group training sessions, depending on the content, we charge between 350 and 450 euros per half-day.

Coaching, consultation sessions, discussions,... cost between 50 and 70 euros per hour. This is exclusive travel and lodging costs when applicable.

And when we write documents, using latest techniques and available templates, depending on the content, your cost is 70 euros per hour. Sometimes it's a matter of adjusting the logo, and sometimes new texts are needed.

We hope this gives you an idea. The documents below outline our general terms and conditions